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You can look at the gallery and tell that we have lots of the finest gym equipment available, we have some real athletes who demand high quality equipment, lots of weight, good range of motion and most of all every possible variety and method of training any part of your body.

Ever had this? ,,, you go to the local health club, determined to give your chest a good work out.. But when you get there that guy from Friday who spent all night talking on his mobile is sat on the bench press again. He's spends all night talking and your waiting for the bench press, then you blink and some other disgruntled patron leaps on it and proceeds to take what feels like an hour to to push 3 sets out??. It's not actually his fault. The fact is your gym should have more than one bench press and other machines to work your body hard. If that guy wants to waste his evening pretending to work out ... fine.. that's his problem but at Al'z Gym not only is this kind of person a rarity but there are over 10 (count them) ways to work your chest. We have 2 of nearly everything and more free weights than any health club around. There is just so many machines you can't fail to get the one you want, when you want it.

Sounds Good? Call in any time for a guided tour .. see what you've been missing.

Ps. Our membership deals will be a lot less than your paying too...check 'em out.